Friends, strangers, queers & Korean speakers hanging out in  The 떡볶이 Box  as part of the 2014 Next Wave Festival

Friends, strangers, queers & Korean speakers hanging out in The 떡볶이 Box as part of the 2014 Next Wave Festival

From Seoul to Nukualofa to ulaanbaatar, MACAU TO Brisbane to Bagot – I explore transcultural and queer ways of working where friendship becomes art's process, product and legacy. 


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We all have a lot of friends to make.

I collaborate with people to make experiences for others.  People of different ages, people from different places, people with different stories.

I use theatre, music, conversations, play, walking, words, digital media, food and whatever else I can find to bring us together.  I like to experience and facilitate friendships that overcome perceived barriers.

I've chosen this work because of my own curiosity, responsibility, and interest in unexpected encounters.

I'm moving further away from traditional styles of art, towards ways of working that value genuine interactions and result in considered social spaces that model futuristic inclusivity.

I ask others to help me find new ways of being together and call it art. 

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Queensland University of Technology Bachelor of Creative Industries (Drama) with Distinction (2008)

Queensland University of Technology Bachelor of Education (Secondary with music as a second teaching area) with First Class Honours (2008)


Community and Creative Partnerships Officer at St. Albans Community Centre (STACC) & Bowery Theatre, Brimbank City Council

socially engaged
art by adults and children that's not too much like theatre

冇得睇 Nothing To See Here 볼 것이 없다:  Lead Artist with Charlye Lee at Factory Gallery Seoul (2015), Brisbane Powerhouse (2015) and Bok Festival in Macau (2017)

M'ck McKeague's Well, this is embarrassing:  Associate Artist during development at Metro Arts and presentation at Crack Theatre Festival / This Is Not Art, Newcastle (2015).

Lenine Bourke's The Walking Neighbourhood: Facilitator / designer in Seoul (2014), Brisbane (2013), Chiang Mai (2013) and Darwin Festival (2014, 2013). More info

Hero Training: Co-creator and facilitator of workshops for children of families protesting against police violence at 와락 (Warak) Centre, Seoul (2013)

Lenine Bourke's Words With:  Video designer / editor, Deakin University’s Participatory Arts Incubator (2013)

Dog Tags For Gays: Creator, Offset Art (2012)

Training Filitonu: Youth Drama Trainer as part of the Australian Youth Ambassador For Development program, Tonga Family Health Association (2010-2011)

Please Keep On The Grass: Co-creator, Offset Art, National Youth Week (2010)

original art designed for adults that's a bit more like theatre / performance

The 떡볶이 Box: (The Dokboki Box):  Co-creator / performer, Offset Art, Next Wave Festival and Metro Arts (2014)

지하 Underground: Co-writer / co-composer / performer, Motherboard Productions, Metro Arts Independents Program (2009), Brisbane Festival’s Under The Radar (2011), World Theatre Festival (2014), HiSeoul Festival, Korea (2014) More info

Tea[r]: Creator / performer, Offset Art, Yongpyeong International Performance Art Festival as part of the Korea Artist Festival (2009), Bucheon International Performance Art Festival and the Korea International Performance Art Festival (2011)

VIP OTT: Creator, Offset Art, Metro Arts & Brisbane City Council (2010)

Nok Cha Café: Creator / performer, Offset Art, National Museum of Contemporary Art and Brisbane Festival’s Under The Radar Festival (2009)

Nok Cha Café Performance Artefact Installation: Co-creator with Jeremy Neideck, Bridges Exhibition, LG Fashion Gallery, Seoul (2009)

art for children - from acting to immersive installation


The Play Factory: designer and facilitator.  Presented by Imaginary Theatre and the Brisbane Powerhouse as part of Little Artists At Play (2015)

보인다 I See You: co-devisor and performer. Produced by Imaginary Theatre. ASITEJ Korea Festival (2015 & 2016), Out Of The Box Festival (2016) and various venues across South East Qld (2016). More info

Imaginary Theatre's Look: Actor / co-devisor / co-sound designer, Come Out Festival, Adelaide (2015), Brisbane Powerhouse (2012), ASITEJ Festival, Korea (2012), Aha! International Theatre Festival For Children, India (2013), Brisbane Powerhouse (2013), The Events Centre, Caloundra (2013), Redlands Art Centre (2014). More info

튼튼 영여's EnglishC: Children’s TV series actor, Korea, (2013)

튼튼 영여's The Storyteller: Outreach performance program performer (2007) / director (2009), South Korea

talking about art with adults

Applied Theatre In Resource Poor Contexts & How Not to Plan Too Much: Masterclass for QUT undergraduate students as part of their preparation for the Goroka project, PNG (2016 & 2017)

CCD and the City: Presentation / tour for a delegation from the Bangkok Metropolitan Government during their time with Cultural Development Network as part of the United Nations Compact Cities Program (2017)

Suburban Community Arts & Kitchens: Walk & talk tours for delegates of the Asian Producers Platform (2017).

IETM (International Network for Contemporary Performing Arts) Asian Satellite Meeting: Delegate / speaker on models for international collaboration (2014)

QUT Theatre and Communities Unit: Guest lecturer on social cohesion and cross-cultural practice (2013)

Drama Australia Conference:  Presenter, civic engagement and transformation through performance (2009)

QUT The Global Teacher Unit: Forum theatre tutorial facilitator (2006)

art in Learning environments for young people

The Gong Garden Artist In Residence with Michael Askill at Eagleby State School, produced by Imaginary Theatre (2015)

The Play Museum Artist In Residence with Verna Curr at Kurilpa Community Childcare Centre, produced by Imaginary Theatre (2014)

Imaginary Theatre’s Tashi: Development of educational resources (2010 & 2013)

Ferny Grove State High School: Contract teacher, junior and senior music (2010)

Imaginary Theatre’s Play Project: Artist & researcher in three Kindergartens (2009)

Brisbane State High School:  Contract teacher, junior drama and music (2008)

Education field placements: Primary school music at Oxley S.S and Fig Tree Pocket S.S, senior drama and music at Moreton TAFE, junior and senior drama and music at Brisbane S.H.S (2006 & 2008)

LATT Children’s Theatre's International Language, Arts & Recreation Festival: Team leader, South Korea (2006 & 2007)

time with socially engaged art companies

Mentorship with Rosie Dennis, Artistic Director of Urban Theatre Projects: Focusing on contemporary art made by communities, theatre in non-traditional spaces, running a small-medium arts organisation, Sydney (2014)

Placement with Darren O'Donnell, Artistic Director of Mammalian Diving Reflex: Focusing on social acupuncture, youth engagement and contemporary performance, Toronto (2013)

Casual employment at Contact Inc: Audience development officer, volunteer manager, arts administration and project delivery, Brisbane (2012-2013)

professional development type activity

Open Engagement Conference: Delegate, Pittsbrugh, USA (2015)

Level 1 Korean: Hongik University, Seoul (2012/2013)

Time, Space and The Body Masterclass with Barney O’Hanlon (SITI Company) & Laura Sheedy (The PIT): Brisbane (2012)

Physical Awareness Training with Tak Hoyoung (Sadari Theatre, Korea): Brisbane (2011 - 2012)

Australia Council For The Arts Audience Impact Masterclass: Representative, Sydney (2012)

Knowing Ways; Critical Learning in Arts Practice Conference: Delegate,  Edinburgh, Scotland (2011)

Innovate Symposium: Delegate, Brisbane (2011)

Involve Conference: Tonga Family Health representative, Auckland (2010)

awards, grants, scholarships and that kind of thing

Australia Korea Foundation Project Funding (2016)

Australia Council For The Arts Kirk Robson Award (2016)

Arts Qld Projects and Programs Funding (2015)

Brisbane City Council Lord Mayors Young and Emerging Artists Fellowship (2014/2015)

Australia Council For The Arts JUMP Mentorship (2014)

Australia Council For The Arts Theatre Board New Work Grant (2013)

City Of Melbourne Arts Grant (2013)

Australia Council For The Arts Community Partnerships Professional Development Grant (2013)

Australia-Korea Foundation Scholarship (2012)

Matilda Award Nomination for Best New Play and Best Musical (2012)

Groundling Award for Best Musical Theatre Winner (2012)

Australia Council For The Arts Artstart Grant (2011)

Arts Queensland Career Development Grant (2011)

Australian Copyright Agency Cultural Fund Grant (2011)

Amnesty International Human Rights Conference Scholarship (2011)

QUT Dean’s List (2008)

Commonwealth Learning Scholarship (2005-2008)

sound design and/or music composition

Awesome Ocean Party: Giema Contini, Anywhere Theatre Festival (2015) and Metro Arts Creative Development (2013)

Single Admissions: The Good Room, Adelaide Fringe Festival and Metro Arts (2010)

The Night My Brother and Me: Little Big Productions, La Boite Theatre (2010)

Holy Gaucamole: The Good Room, Adelaide Fringe Festival and Metro Arts (2009)

The Reunion: Metro Arts Independents Program (2007)

Ivy Shambitt And The Sound Machine: Backbone Youth Arts (2007)

playing piano

Australian Embassy’s Australia Day Celebrations: Pianist, Grand Hyatt Hotel, Seoul (2007)

The Queensland Poetry Festival: Pianist (2007)

As part of musical outfit Maestoso at venues and festivals across Australia including The Village Arts Festival, Yeppoon (2005 & 2006) and Earthbeat Music Festival, Mildura (2005)


Woodford Folk Festival: Sign writer (2012), performance art assistant (2010), stall operator (2005)

The Dreaming International Indigenous Festival: Festival shop attendant (2008)

Spiritus ARMS Literacy Centre for Asylum Seekers and Refugees: Tutor, Brisbane (2008)

English conversation tutor: Seoul (2007)

Out Of The Box Festival: Guide for school groups (2006)