The 떡볶이 Box (The Dokboki Box) | songs, snacks & stories in a social container

The Dokboki Box is the essence of what theatre is all about. It connects people. It is a rare experience, and one not to be missed... one of the most beautiful moments I have experienced in theatre.
There are so many words but where to begin to describe the ‘grand experience’ that is The DokBoki Box. Simple, elegant, intimate, comforting and inspiring come to mind.

program copy:

떡볶이 박스의 (The 떡볶이 Box) 싸구려 플라스틱 의자에 앉아 낯선 이들과 어깨를 맞대고 떡볶이와 오뎅을 안주삼아 착한 사람의 노래와 이야기를 들어보세요. 누가 알아요? 우리가 꽤 많은 공통점을 가지고 있을지.

박 영희, 믹 맥키그, 네이슨 스톤햄이 공동 창작한 이번 한국 호주 예술가들의 협업작품에서는, 서울에서 가져온 포장마차 안에서 라이브 음악과 공연을 선사 합니다.  질문을 제기하고 규칙을 새롭게 다시 쓰는 것으로, 영희가 세상에서의 생존을 위해 내면의 선과 악 사이에서 분투하는 자신의 이야기에 여러분 모두를 초대합니다.

Pull up a shitty plastic stool at The 떡볶이 Box (The Dokboki Box). Hear the good person sing her story as you share a Korean snack with the stranger next to you. Who knew we all had so much in common?

Created by Park Younghee, M’ck McKeague and Nathan Stoneham, this collaboration between Australian and Korean artists serves up live music and performance inside a street side snack stall all the way from Seoul. Questions are raised and rules are re-written as Younghee reveals a story about being good, and being bad, in order to survive in this world.

Promotional image by Gerwyn Davies

Promotional image by Gerwyn Davies


Created by: Younghee Park, M’ck McKeague and Nathan Stoneham

Contributing Visual Artist:  Kit Tran

Production Manager and Vibraslap:  Candice Diana

Dramaturgical and devising assistance:  Rosie Dennis and David Fenton


Next Wave Festival 2014 at Federation Square, Melbourne

Metro Arts 2014 in the Metro Arts' carriageway, Brisbane


Offset Art’s The 떡볶이 Box (The Doboki Box) was developed with the support of Metro Arts and the Korean Arts Council and first presented by Next Wave Festival and Metro Arts.  This project has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body and supported by the City of Melbourne 2014 arts grants program, Arts Queensland and Federation Square.