over the years, UNDER the brand "Offset Art", i've been experimenting with stunts that have a social JUSTICE focus, respond immediately*, are unfunded*, spread-sheet free* and outside art spaces*. for example:

*not always

budget Giveaway

brisbane, 2014


In response to the 2014 federal budget, I gave students, anyone on centrelink, seniors, people with disabilities and anyone else negatively effected by the budget free tickets to a theatre show and offered audience members $7 each to attend.

The $7 was "for your next visit to the doctor" if Tony Abbott's co-payment system was introduced.


for sale ONLINE, 2014


T-shirts, sold online in response to these news excerpts:

Opposition Leader Tony Abbott has moved to defuse criticism that he described same-sex marriage as the "fashion of the moment" by saying he was speaking more broadly about social change. (ABC NEWS)


Opposition Leader Tony Abbott launches education policy at Christian school which calls homosexuality an 'abomination'.

The private school’s statement of faith says ''homosexuality and specific acts of homosexuality are an abomination unto God, a perversion of the natural order and not to be entered into.

Mr Abbott said he disagreed with that statement. But he refused to criticise the school, saying: ''Look, this is a good school..." (THE AGE)

hero training

Community Centre Children's Workshops, Korea, 2013


Co-devised and co-facilitated by Younghee Park and Nathan Stoneham


Death toll mounts after defeat of 2009 Ssangyong strike

Why do struggling Korean workers stick it out in aerial protests?


"Hero Training" is a series of workshops for children aged around 5-10 designed to examine the characteristics of Heros, and inspire participants to become strong, brave, kind and smart citizens.  We begin by investigating fictional superheros, then started to discuss the real heros in our every day lives.  Through games, drama sessions, group challenges, craft activities and song, participants expand their understandings of Heros, and begin to imagine themselves as heros too.  Participants are constantly encouraged to practice their heroic skills: to listen, to speak out and to help each other.

The workshop series was first delivered at the Warak Centre in Pyeonteak, Korea.  Facilitated mainly in Korean, the sessions also had a casual English education component, as participants learnt and used simple English words throughout the process.

The children at Pyeonteak come from families who have faced difficult circumstances since 2009.  Their family members faced job cuts at the local Ssangyong car factory - hundreds of sacked workers protested by occupying the factory for 77 days.  This strike ended with police violence.  Years later, lives continue to be lost as a result of the situation.  At the time Hero Training was delivered to these children, some fathers were performing aerial strikes, demanding an investigation into the job cuts and the traumatic events that followed at the factory.


korea 2009 - 2011

Presented at:

Ui Chon, Changdong (stunt)
Yeonpyeong International Performance Art Festival

Bucheon International Performance Art Festival
Samcheongpo International Performance Art Festival
Gimcheon International Performance Art Festival,
Goryeong International Performance Art Festival,
Performance and Environment Festival, Taebaek



Tea[r] is a visual performance stunt that seeks unity in a world where all appears separate.  A displaced lover carries a large fragile cube; framing a safe, personal space wherein he can be alone, or seek a connection with a stranger.  Temporary again, the lover vulnerably seeks the energy of new relationships, eye contact that speaks louder than language, and the touch of another in the here and now.

The paper cube used in Tea[r] has a history and bears the scars of previous performances.  It has been destroyed and repaired countless times and has traveled back and forth between Brisbane and Seoul on many occasions.  Tea[r] vibrates between Korea and Australia, attempting to bring individuals from both countries closer together – to blur the boundaries between them and forge friendships.

Tea[r]는 모두가 제각각인 세상에서 통일성을 찾고자 하는 비쥬얼 공연이다. 떠돌이 동성애자가 자기에게는 안전한 틀이자 혼자가 될 수 있는 개인 공간, 또는 낯선 이와 순간적으로 연결이 될 수도 있는 깨지기 쉬운 커다란 큐브를 들고 다닌다. 다시 일시적으로, 그는 위태위태하게 새로운 관계, 언어보다 강렬한 눈맞춤, 바로 지금 여기에서의 다른 접촉에서 오는 에너지를 찾아 다닌다.

Tea[r]에서 쓰인 종이로 만든 큐브는 지난 공연의 상처를 견디고 과거를 지닌다. 종이 큐브는 수없이 망가지고 고쳐졌으며, 다양한 경위로 여러차례 브리즈번과 서울을 오갔다. 양국의 개성을 가져다가 서로를 더 가깝게 하려는 시도인Tea[r]는 한국과 호주 사이를 잔잔히 떨리게 하며, 서로간의 경계선을 흐릿하게 만들고 두 나라를 돈독하게 하고자 하는 작품이다.

This project has received financial assistance from the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland.

Please keep on the grass

brisbane, 2010


Presented at:

Brisbane City Council’s National Youth Week Celebrations


Co-created by: Nathan Stoneham and Thom Browning
Supported by: Brisbane City Council / National Youth Week
With thanks to our sponsor, Turfforce


Please Keep On The Grass (2010) saw 100 square metres of fresh turf installed on a concrete mall in Brisbane which was once a public park – in memory of and in hope for a greener city. This family friendly installation became a temporary hub for lawn sports, picnics and afternoon naps.  Please Keep On The Grass came complete with two proud gardeners who fastidiously maintained the lawn and struck up friendly yarns with visitors. The turf was later donated to a local school and the project raised a small donation for Greening Australia.

‘잔디를 밟아 주세요(Please Keep On The Grass,2010)’는 한 때 공원이었던 브리즈번의 콘크리트 몰에 녹색 도시에 대한 기억과 희망을 품고 100㎡ 넓이의 신선한 잔디밭을 만든 프로젝트이다. 이 다정하고 가족적인 작품은 야외 스포츠, 소풍, 낮잠을 즐길 수 있는 일시적인 주요 장소가 되었다. ‘잔디를 밟아 주세요(Please Keep On The Grass,2010)’는 꼼꼼하게 잔디를 관리하고 방문자들과 함께 정답게 이야기를 나누는 두 명의 자부심 가득한 정원사로 완성된다. 후에 잔디밭은 지역 학교에 기부되었으며, 이 작품은 호주 녹화운동(Greening Australia)을 위해 약간의 기부를 하였다.

vip ott

Brisbane, 2011

presented at:

Metro Arts' Red2 in King George Square


Co-Created by: Nathan Stoneham and Laura Hillis
Featuring: Jana Penshorn (Vocals)
Costume Design by:  Noni Harrison
Photography: Al Caeiro
With thanks to: friends, family and general public who volunteered



VIP OTT invited everyday people into a mock glamour studio to star in “over the top” portrait photos. Two fabulous designers dressed up pedestrians and directed them to create perfume ads, a celebrity wedding and a classy fashion shoot. The interactive performance took place on a big square of red carpet in the city centre and featured a tacky sound track plus live song and dance! This sugarcoated artwork drew attention to our preoccupation with beauty, excess and waste and raised a small donation for the Red Cross.

Co-pressented by Offset Art & Metro Arts in partnership with Brisbane City Council.

nok cha cafe

brisbane / seoul, 2009 - 2011

Presented at:

Changdong Studios, Cue Exhibition (Seoul, Korea)
Brisbane Festival’s Under The Radar, Street Feats Program (Brisbane, Australia)
LG Fashion Gallery, Bridges Exhibition (Seoul, Korea)

Burnet Lane, Lord Mayors Fellowship Ceremony (Brisbane, Korea)
+ numerous stunts in Brisbane and Seoul


Co-created by Nathan Stoneham and Jeremy Neideck
Featuring: Zoe Jones (Korean flute and translation), Chris Kim (spoken poetry), Jana Penshorn (vocals)
With Thanks to: Al and M'ck (Filming and FOH crew)


Nok Cha Café invited pedestrians into a temporary, green tea cafe to witness a displaced, "traditional" Korean tea ceremony. This cross-cultural collaboration featured live performance, bilingual poetry, video of filmed performance stunts and original music. The piece united two queer lovers and the cities of Brisbane and Seoul through multimedia while exploring separation, transience and our ability to quickly forge meaningful connections in unfamiliar places. The work generated a small donation for Solidarity for LGBT Human Rights, Korea.

녹차 카페는 행인들을 임시적으로 만들어진 한국의 전통 다도 의식을 옮겨놓은 녹차 카페의 증인으로 초대한다. 이 다문화 합동 작품은 라이브 공연, 2개국어로 된 시, 공연과 음악을 담은 비디오로 이루어져있다. 작품은 멀티미디어를 통해 헤어짐, 덧없음과 낯선 장소에서 의미있는 연결을 빠르게 진행시키는 우리의 능력을 탐험하는 동안 동성애자 두 사람과 브리즈번의 도시와 서울을 통합시켰다. 이 작품은 한국의 LGBT(성적 소수자)인권협회를 위해 약간의 기부를 하였다.

Supported by Brisbane Festival 09 Under The Radar Festival and the Korea Museum for Contemporary Arts.