When the former Premier of QLD, Campbell Newman said he'd scrap civil partnerships and introduce a "relationship registration" (you know, like you'd register a trailer or a dog) I started selling Dog Tags For Gays.

Over 150 were sold and sent across the globe.  One even went to J D SAMSON! 

Sales raised a donation of $800 for Healthy Communities, Qld's LGBT Community Health Service which Campbell Newman also cut funding to.

a tongue-in-cheek creation
— www.abc.net.au
it not only sends out a clear message about the state of the current Queensland government but it is also raising money for a good cause
— www.samesame.com.au
a unique way to draw attention to the repeal of civil unions in Queensland
— www.starobserver.com.au

dog tags for gays | THE ring on it edition THAT NOBODY BOUGHT.

When Bill Shorten introduced a marriage equality bill to federal parliament, I introduced Dog Tags For Gays - Ring On It Edition.  A Dog Tag For Gays, with a ring on it!

But nobody bought it.

"What next" after marriage equality?  To me, achieving it is important, but no more important than "stepping up" to protect LGBTIQ people here in Australia and around the world who are denied basic human rights and continue to face stigma, discrimination and violence.

...when we arrive at marriage equality, you dare to just put your feet up and say “what else is there left to do?” that’s when I’m coming for you and your matching blue suit, Macklemore and macaron wedding. Not all of us as out gay people in Australia are privileged, but a lot of us are. The fact that we have the time, freedom and drive to fight for symbolic gestures like marriage equality is in itself a privilege. Let’s show the rest of the world we were right to earn that privilege by paying it forward.
— Nic Holas
It doesn’t look like marriage itself is going anywhere, so it might as well be equal, right?

I think these ones didn’t sell because they were kinda FOR marriage equality but kinda AGAINST marriage. lol.
— Me
Dog Tags For Gays, Ring On It Edition
  • Made from strong rustproof metal with a gold or silver finish.
  • Set with genuine, sparkling Swarovski crystals.
  • "Gay Marriage.  What Next?" On the Front
  • "Dog Tags For Gays, Ring On It Edition" and your unique tag number on the back.  You determine the 3rd line on the back (20 characters max!) when you checkout.
  • Latest technology laser engraving, guaranteed not to fade until death do us part.
  • 26x30mm or 1.02x1.3inches
  • If you want to buy more than one with different engraving on each, please add them to your cart one at a time.
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